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A Pocoyo Halloween {Printable Activity Book}

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Celebrate this spooky season with Pocoyo and friends. Have tons of fun helping your kids prepare some yummy Halloween dishes or turn a box into a scary costume. Click here for the Spanish activity book and here for the English activity book. It’s free! The activity book includes:  Halloween themed coloring pages Recipes for you and your kids to make together, including Halloween Pumpkin Soup, Mummy Turkey Dogs, and Scary Cookies A monster costume idea A Pocoyo printable mask to colorRead More ...

9 Handpicked Apps for Bilingual Children

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No doubt our children are growing up in a digital and connected world. Smartphones, computers and portable gaming devices are all around them since they are born.  Rather than shield them, I advocate for teaching them the best use of technology. I do carry an iPhone with me and I don´t know what I did before it. I have a great collection of apps that keep my daughter entertained while in the car during long drives or at moments whenRead More ...

We {heart} Pocoyó {Giveaway}

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We really do.  The proof is that, over a year ago, we chose a Pocoyó video in Spanish, El Baile de Pocoyó, as our very first Video of the Week.  I can still remember the dancing parties my girl, husband and I would have in the living room when Pocoyó came on (We record it from Discovery Familia. You can also watch him on YouTube.) That´s why I accepted the offer to receive a collection of Pocoyó books to reviewRead More ...

Mi Primer Bilingual Notebook

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I can almost hear my precious laptop breathing a sigh of relief.  No more sticky fingers and tiny hands banging on it, at least, we hope.  My toddler now feels empowered and less left-out when mamá sits in front of the computer because she has her own little laptop to carry around. Hers is even cooler because it speaks…in TWO languages: English and Spanish.  OK, she can’t stream Pocoyó on Ingenio’s Mi Primer Notebook/My First Notebook, but she can certainlyRead More ...


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Here you’ll find a list of bilingual (Spanish/English) websites for your kids to enjoy some meaningful and interactive computer time while learning the language. Interactive Websites Maya y Miguel–website in Spanish with interactive games, printouts, recipes and more from the popular PBS show. PBS Kids Island–Reading games and activities for kids in Spanish PBS Kids GO!–video player of favorite PBS Kids shows in Spanish. La Casa de Mickey Mouse–videos, games, activities and so much more in Spanish from Playhouse Disney.Read More ...

Video of the Week||Pocoyó-El Gran Tobogán

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Pocoyó-El Gran Tobogán We are obsessed with Pocoyó…we truly are.  We actually have a little ritual we call “La Hora de Bailar” where we put on El Baile de Pocoyó and our little dictator of a toddler makes both papá and mamá stand up in front of the screen, holds both of our hands and has us jumping and dancing with her and Pocoyó.  You could call it cute;  I´m not so sure. ...

Video of the Week|Pocoyó

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Basically, every expert on the subject agrees that if you want your child to learn a new  language, just exposing them to “educational” media in that language won’t-on its own-increase their chances of learning it. For maximum language absorption, children need to be actively involved with caregivers, family and/or friends who verbally interact with them through play and daily activities. ...

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