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I can almost hear my precious laptop breathing a sigh of relief.  No more sticky fingers and tiny hands banging on it, at least, we hope.  My toddler now feels empowered and less left-out when mamá sits in front of the computer because she has her own little laptop to carry around.

Hers is even cooler because it speaks…in TWO languages: English and Spanish.  OK, she can’t stream Pocoyó on Ingenio’s Mi Primer Notebook/My First Notebook, but she can certainly use her expanding imagination by freely hitting buttons that prompt a lovely española’s voice to teach her numbers, letters, colors and shapes in Spanish and, with a press of a button, in English.

Her new laptop is compact and perfect for her to carry around.  The first thing she did when I gave it to her was to place it on my desk, sit in front of it and madly press every single button she found, while hysterically laughing out loud (surely she’s not imitating me!?)

I wasted no time looking for a volume control–couldn’t find one–but was happy that the “screen” is really just a picture.  This is one electronic toy that will not over-stimulate my daughter visually with unnecessary flashing lights and videos. It will, however, interactively teach her basic pre-school concepts in the two languages she understands.

All of Ingenio´s bilingual toys are available via Amazon.  Of course, the best way to get them is via La Tiendita.

Our First Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to our very first SBFinds winner:  Diana!

Ingenio, the first educational bilingual toys and games brand in the U.S., has chosen you to be the first to get a chance to win every single one of their ten toys.  Today you can enter to win Mi Primer Notebook, winner of the Top Toy of the Year 2009 Award from Creative Child Magazine, simply by visiting their website and leaving us a comment below telling us which of their bilingual toys you crave and why.

That’s all you have to do to enter this giveaway.  If you want to up your chances at winning, then click here to learn how to get additional entries.

This giveaway ends tonight, Monday, August 24, at midnight EST.

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