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Photo by Leslie Duss

Photo by Leslie Duss

We’re thrilled you’ve discovered us and our finds.  What exactly is a find It’s any product or service that has been made with Latinos and/or bilinguals in mind.

If you’re familiar with our sister site, SpanglishBaby, then you know that we constantly feature reviews and giveaways of products we find and we feel you will treasure.  As the Latino and bilingual market continues to grow, so does the amount of products being made for us.  We want to establish ourselves as your go-to-site to find that special something you’ve been craving or needing for your family.

We’ll feature honest reviews of books, toys, clothing, videos, music, websites, services and more made for our niños.  And, because our kids don’t get to have all the fun, we’ll occasionally feature relevant products for mamá and papá, as well.

The best part?  We’ll do everything we can to get discounts for you and, of course, tons of giveaways and ways to win!

There’s no better way to kick off our new site, SpanglishBabyFinds, than by announcing the simultaneous launch of Ingenio–the first brand of bilingual educational toys and games in the U.S.

We feel honored to have been chosen as the first site to review and offer giveaways of these innovative toys.  When we were first contacted by Ingenio and visited their website we knew they were on to something and had hit the nail on the head with their focus on affordable toys for bilingual (English/Spanish) children.  As soon as we received the ten toys to play with and review, we got excited about being the first ones to tell you about them.  You can read more about our and our friends’ experience with the toys in today’s SpanglishBaby post.

Starting today, and for the next ten days, we’ll feature one of the toys/games of the Ingenio line every day and give you a chance to win it and be one of the first parents to get their hands on them.  For now, they’re only available on Amazon.  You can get there via La Tiendita.  Scroll down for our first giveaway.

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