Windows 8 Halloween Apps Para Todos!

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Some of you may have heard that Windows 8 has rolled out the free Windows 8.1 upgrade! Check out the details here, and then download it from the Microsoft app store. Once you’ve done that, check out these three free Halloween games, one each for every age group.

¡Feliz Día de Halloween!

monstermatcherMonster Matcher

Although this game doesn’t have a Spanish option, it doesn’t really need one since there isn’t any text besides choosing the level (easy, medium or hard) at the beginning. This matching game helps build memory skills and has a cute Halloween theme that isn’t too scary for little ones. To work on Spanish skills along with memory, simply play together and talk it out. For example, you could say: “Ah, encontraste el monstruo con tres ojos… ¿Dónde está el otro monstruo con tres ojos?” Ages 3+

Download from the Microsoft app store, Price: Free



spanishhalloweenSpanish Halloween

This is a very basic game but it’s good for teaching Halloween vocabulary in Spanish. There are only 3 levels which involve simply matching a Spanish word to an image and trying to beat the clock. Some of the vocabulary included: Bruja, pirata, lobo, vampiro, calavera, calabaza and araña. This is best for tweens since they don’t give you much time to match the words and the graphics are too simple to appeal to younger children. Ages 8+

Download from the Microsoft app store, Price: Free



tacomasterzombieTaco Master

“¡Haz tacos!” your boss commands, and then the orders start pouring in. Here’s one for your teenagers (and you!) At first you make only tacos de res, but the better you get, the more ingredients are made available and the more complicated it becomes. Beat the first portion of this fast-paced game to get to Mexican Party Mode. Beat Mexican Party Mode and you’ll reach the new Zombie Mode added for Halloween. Ages 12+

Download from the Microsoft app store, Price: Free

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