Today, I’m happy to bring you a SpanglishBaby exclusive: a first look at a brand new digital Spanish series for kids, The Pandas & Boom, created by the developers of the NARR8 app.

If you haven’t heard of NARR8, a Netflix-like platform for interactive stories and digital series, this app could become a new adventure for your family. With a wide variety of animated stories and comics in a variety of genres, NARR8 is a unique and endless source of entertainment.

The Pandas & Boom follows animal friends –most notably two pandas and a squirrel named Boom – who live in Puzzlewood, a magical forest. They encounter various situations and must make tough decisions, but together they figure out how to solve their problems. A great perk is that the episodes do not have to be played in order. Preschoolers will love watching each one over and over.


Not only is The Pandas & Boom educational in content, but the HD graphics are impeccable and kids will love that there are many opportunities to interact with the story.

The best part? All series available through NARR8 can be played in English, Spanish, Russian, or Korean!

Find NARR8 (through which you can download The Pandas & Boom) in iTunes and Google Play

Available for iPad and Android devices

Recommended for ages 2-6

Price: FREE (2 episodes); credits available for purchase starting at $0.99

Check out more about NARR8 on Facebook and Twitter, and watch this video.

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