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While many of the fun Spanish apps out there are for toddlers and young children, every now and then we come across one that’s just as entertaining for older kids or adults. Learn Spanish with JamTok! is a cool app that uses popular songs (from artists such as Bruno Mars and Carlos Santana) to teach you new Spanish vocabulary.


For each song, you can change the language from English to Spanish, or see both. Once you’ve previewed the song and familiarized yourself with the lyrics, choose from several games to test your knowledge of the Spanish words and phrases from the song. Even if you’re an advanced Spanish speaker, the fast pace of the games is a challenge. My personal favorite is the “JetPhones” game, where you have to help a character fly up to the correct English translation of a word while the song is playing.


As you get more correct answers, you earn JamCoins that help you advance to better songs. If you’d rather not wait, you can also purchase JamCoins starting at $1.99.

This app would be an excellent supplement to a school Spanish class, and can provide hours of entertainment for teens.

Find Learn Spanish with JamTok!  in iTunes

Available for iPad and iPhone

Recommended for ages 10 and up

Price: FREE; in-app purchases also available

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