SpanglishBaby Playground


It has been a great first week for SpanglishBabyPlayground. We’ve had an amazing response from all over the US and the world! Thank you for joining us in this space for parents raising bilingual and bicultural children to connect and interact directly with each other.

The Playground was launched with a BTS Giveaway that has not ended, if you haven’t participated, you still have 5 days for a chance to win $250 worth of school supplies, we encourage you to submit your entries!

With very diverse members sharing one goal, SpanglishBaby Playground now has over 150 members! This fascinating group of people includes moms, dads, expecting mamas, teachers, and bloggers from many places and backgrounds. We are excited to have groups in many languages such as Chinese, RussianItalian, Arabic and Spanish! We have also formed regional groups based in Los Angeles, Orlando, New York and many other cities and other groups that share interests in common like crafts and soccer.

Now please come and join us to support and empower our families and communities in our mission to raise bilingual and bicultural kids! Talk to your friends, family and neighbors, share your experiences, and ask questions! This is your Playground!

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