Join a SpanglishBaby playground neat you!

One of my favorite things about belonging to the SpanglishBaby community is the opportunity to meet other families who are also raising bilingual and bicultural kids. I have met online friends and local friends through SpansglishBaby Playground where families have been organizing local playgroups all over the nation, from South Jersey to Orlando, from Philly to Colorado you can find local groups wanting to meet, play and speak Spanish!

Find your local Playground and join us today!

Tri State Mamas: NY, NJ and PA – Philly zoo, Sesame Place and the aquarium are on their list!

South Jersey SpanglishBabySouth Jersey / Philadelphia – I’m only 20minutes from the city and would be willing to travel or host at my house…So if you’re in the region, then this is the group for you.

Motor City Mamacitas – Metro Detroit, MI. – Get together with other Oakland County Spanish-speaking kids (native and non) to immerse them in fun and a second language.  

Bilingue in San Antonio – San Antonio, TX. – For San Antonio parents who are trying to teach their children Spanish…lets get together online and in person to help our kids learn more Spanish and practice speaking it.

Denver Mamas – Denver, CO. – For moms in Denver (or any of its surrounding cities) raising bilingual kids. Let’s share info on upcoming bilingual events, schools, camps, story times and other fun things to do in Spanish! 

NC Familias Bilingues – North Carolina – Ser Latino o extranjero es una experiencia única en cada parte de este país. Queremos compartir con otras familias Latinas y bi-culturales en nuestro estado.

East Los Angeles – Los Angeles County and Inland Empire – …those of us out of the city can group together when the city is just a little to far to travel… but at least LA is nearby, we’d love to get together on the weekends.

Los Angeles Moms Raising Bilingual Kids – Los Angeles, CA. – A space for L.A. area moms to share local tips, events, happenings and school information for bilingual/bicultural kids (Spanish/English)

San Diego Mamas – San Diego, CA. – A place to share local events, immersion schools, activities, meet new families close-by and more!

Nor-Cal Madres – San Francisco Bay Area – Let’s share events, get together and have fun if you live in or around the San Francisco Bay Area.

Oklahoma City Bilingual Mamas – Oaklahoma City, OK. – A group for bilingual mamas (Spanish/English) that reside in the Oklahoma City Metro.

Orlando Mamis  - Orlando, FL. – If you are in the Orlando area, this is the place for you!

Did you find your playground?  If not, you can start your very own today! Is simple, here are the steps on How to create your local Playground

For information and tips on how to start a playgroup please read Roxana A. Soto’s post Are-playgroups-really-that-important?

Let’s get together, play and speak Spanish!

{photo by  phalinn}

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