A Tip for Taking Spanish Beyond the Dual Language Classroom

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A few weeks ago I received an email from a ‘Spanglish mami’ asking me a great question I thought I would address on a specific post. The question had to do with Spanish ‘outside’ school hours – specifically playgroups designed to help children continue developing their Spanish-speaking skills. She was wondering if I knew of any particular playgroups she could reach out to. At the time I not only thought it was a great question, but it also sparked myRead More ...

Join a SpanglishBaby Playground Near You!

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One of my favorite things about belonging to the SpanglishBaby community is the opportunity to meet other families who are also raising bilingual and bicultural kids. I have met online friends and local friends through SpansglishBaby Playground where families have been organizing local playgroups all over the nation, from South Jersey to Orlando, from Philly to Colorado you can find local groups wanting to meet, play and speak Spanish! Find your local Playground and join us today! Tri State Mamas:Read More ...

Together Counts In So Many Ways

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The last year and a half has been an incredibly hectic, albeit rewarding one for me. I decided to finally give it all I’ve got and be a self-employed entrepreneur with two blogs under my belt. Of course, this meant lots of traveling, eating out, time juggling and a balancing act between being a wife, mom, friend, writer, business woman, etc, etc. The lack of sleep and exercise, as well as my new terrible eating habits finally got a tollRead More ...

Announcement: SpanglishBaby Orlando Meetup!

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Do you live in Central Florida? Do you love SpanglishBaby and want to be even more connected to your local bilingual parenting community? Come meet me (Chelsea) and some of your other bilingual neighbors at Lake Eola Park (playground) on Sunday, December 4th, at 1 PM. I hope to make some new Spanglish-speaking friends for me and my family! If you plan to attend, please send an email to or leave a quick comment. I look forward to meetingRead More ...

The Real Power of Playgroups

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It was a lovely sight. A dozen children, most of them preschoolers, all speaking Spanish — and some English – in the backyard of my house. I hadn’t hosted a meetup for my bilingual playgroup in a long, long time. And I’m so happy I finally did. We’re about to celebrate our three year anniversary as a group and I can honestly say that the friendships both my children and I have made because of it are priceless. I wasRead More ...

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