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The last year and a half has been an incredibly hectic, albeit rewarding one for me. I decided to finally give it all I’ve got and be a self-employed entrepreneur with two blogs under my belt. Of course, this meant lots of traveling, eating out, time juggling and a balancing act between being a wife, mom, friend, writer, business woman, etc, etc.

The lack of sleep and exercise, as well as my new terrible eating habits finally got a toll on me and exhibited through exhaustion, restlessness and a lack of patience. My daughter could perceive all of this and the last thing I wanted was to take anything out on her. In fact, the one thing I have not allowed myself to let go is the time I invest in her. Yes, she does have to spend all day in school and some aftercare, but the time we have together I make it count.

Thanks to her, I’ve come back and am now again working out and being conscious about what I and we, as a family eat. Truth is that I am the one that sets the standards in my house, and if I let that go then it’s my survival menu of quesadillas, waffles, cereal and scrambled eggs every day!

Now that I’ve managed to slow down a bit and understand that if my family and I aren’t eating well and being active then the consequences won’t make any of my hard work worth it, I’ve decided to take the Together Counts pledge of becoming more active and healthy as a familia. It’s really such a simple concept, but one we sometimes need to consciously come back to and make a priority.

For the last four months I’ve also been contributing to the Together Counts blog with articles on topics I’m passionate about. Writing all of these has been part therapeutic in the sense of “practicing what I preach.”

Hope you head on over to Together Counts and enjoy these articles:

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