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Fun Photo and Spanish Vocab App

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In my quest to find more entertaining Spanish apps for adults and teenagers, I discovered 4 Fotos Más, a straightforward game that nonetheless provides hours of fun and brushing up on Spanish vocab. Each level presents four photos and a letter bank. To pass the level, you must correctly guess and spell the word that the photos indicate. For every level you pass, you collect monedas, which can be used to buy hints in future levels.

As a nonnative speaker, I sometimes forget specific words and substitute others, so a few of the levels were a true challenge. I just may have to take advantage of the in-app purchase of 350 monedas ($0.99) to get through the whole game!

This app would serve as a great supplement to high school Spanish class, or to compete with older children who are skilled Spanish speakers and spellers.

Find 4 Fotos Más in iTunes

Available for iPad and iPhone

Recommended for intermediate and advanced Spanish speakers

Price: FREE




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