Los Pollitos Nursery Rhyme brings back such fond memories of my childhood.  It’s a popular nursery rhyme in Latin America.  I have been sharing it with my boys since they were young to get some Spanish fun into their day.

Los Pollitos (The Little Chickies) nursery rhyme goes like this: (I found this over at Kidssongs.com you can go there for  all of the lyrics; she also translates it in English so you know what you’re singing). You can also watch it on YouTube they have lots of fun videos but this is the one my son likes.

Los pollitos dicen
(Los po-yee-tos dee-sen)
Pio, pio, pio
(Pio, pio, pio)
Cuando tienen hambre
(Kwando tee-n-en ambrey)
Cuando tienen frio
(Kwando tee-n-en free-o)
La gallina busca
(La ga-yen-a boos-ka)
El maiz y el trigo
(El maze e el tree-go)
Les da la comida
(Les da la ko-me-da)
Y les presta abrigo
(E les presta a–breeg-o)
Bajo sus dos alas
(Baho sus dos alas)
Hasta el otro dia
(Asta el o-tro dee-a)
Duerman los pollitos
(Dwer-men los po-yee-tos)

*The parenthesis will help you with the pronunciation.

Play the song and sing it with your child while you make “pollitos” using our toilet paper roll printing technique.  To make the prints all you need is yellow paint to dip the tp rolls in and then have them press it onto paper.

Once they’ve made all of their circles you can have them glue the orange diamonds for the beak.

Draw the feet and the eyes and  you’re done. My son loved pressing on the beak at the part where the song says “pio, pio, pio.”

The next print we will be making using this technique is Spring flowers!

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