Review: My Big Sister/Mi hermana mayor

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My Big Sister/Mi hermana mayor

As those of you with preschoolers and early elementary schoolers may have discovered, it’s difficult to find bilingual books to transition them from the baby board book phase to the early readers phase. Books need to be complex enough for them to learn new vocabulary, but short enough for a bedtime story.

My Big Sister/Mi hermana mayor by Samuel Caraballo is the bilingual story of a little boy named Pablito, who spends the days with his big sister, Anita, while his parents are at work. Anita makes him breakfast, walks him to the school bus, takes him to play after school, and helps him with his homework.

Although we parents may relate to having been raised by a sibling more so than our little ones will, they will still revel in the sweet relationship between Pablito and Anita.

My Big Sister/Mi hermana mayor is beautifully illustrated and is one of my son’s go-to stories now, especially since he has two big stepsisters. If your child is the eldest, he might also be inspired to look after the little ones even more after reading about what Anita does for her brother.

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