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One of the biggest challenges of raising a preschooler is to get their focus and attention for at least five minutes.  Well, that´s the case in my house.  I mean, we´re finally getting to the stage where storytime doesn´t mean ripping and biting books!  That´s why I felt we passed a milestone yesterday when my girl and I peacefully sat down to name the colorful objects in Eeboo´s Spanish Flash Cards.  What I thought was going to turn into a room of cards flying wildly was actually a very sweet moment of communication between mom and daughter, and one where mamá was very proud at the many objects her hija knows the words for.

I was immediately attracted to the beautiful aesthetic design of all the Eeboo products.  They specialize in educational games for multicultural kids.  They have several games to develop Spanish vocabulary.  These flash cards are completely bilingual.  On one side they have a gorgeous illustration of an object with its corresponding name in Spanish and a sentence using the word.  On the other side of the card is the same illustration with the word in English and the translated sentence.  The cards are geniously grouped into seven different categories:  Animals, Clothing, Colors, The Market, Nature, The Room and Vehicles.

The recommended age is 5 and up, but we had so much fun just recognizing the objects she´s already so familiar with.  As she grows up, she´s two now, we can  make up so many cool games with these cards that will keep our imagination rolling. If nothing else, I can use them as wall art to decorate her room!

Also, if you don´t speak Spanish, but want to teach some words to your kids and learn along the way, they´ve included a phonetic pronunciation guide to get you started.

Check it out in La Tiendita.

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