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We’ve been blown away by the beauty and the captivating characters of UP,  Disney*Pixar’s newest movie to hit the home-entertainment stands in full force today, November 10th.  When it came out in theaters, amongst critical buzz and massive audience approval, and took its righteous first place at the box office on its opening weekend, I was acting nonchalant as if I really didn’t care that I didn’t yet have an excuse to take my then toddler girl to the movies.  But, now, I can lose my aloofness and admit I was the excited one when our screener copy was sent to our house so we could watch and write our review.  Yep, movie night has been every night (and some occasional mornings) since then.  And globos (balloons) has been the favorite word coming out my girl’s mouth for the last week.

The lightness represented by the tons of colorful globos that lift up 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen’s house and transport him, along with Russell-an uninvited, over-enthusiastic 8-year-old, to South America in search of new adventures is felt throughout the whole movie.   How is it possible that something so light and airy as balloons, even if it is thousands of them, can lift up a bolted house?  A house so full and heavy with memories of a lifetime lived together and of those unlived dreams that never cease to motivate us.  The balloons are Carl’s desires and dreams, which never, not even with age, should die.  He just needs a strong force, and a dead-end of sorts, to push him to use his innate talent as a balloon salesman to conjure up the plan which sets this story in motion.

As much as Carl wants to avoid change and remain inflexible, he’s constantly challenged by the whimsical and humorous characters in his journey.   There are many valuable life lessons magically interweave within a powerful and action-filled story your kids will devour, making UP one of the most honest, comical and heartfelt animated movies of our times.

On the technical aspect, we’re very pleased to see the thought and effort that has gone into the Spanish version of the movie.  Not only are the voice-actors first class, but they’ve also translated on the animation itself any visible text to Spanish.  So you actually hear and read the whole experience in Spanish, feeling as if that was the only version there was!  Very thankful for that.  Oh, yeah, the “talking” pack of dogs were a hit, too!

This is one movie that’s destined to become a classic, so  make sure you get your copy.  Starting today, UP is available in a four-disc Blu-ray Combo Pack and a two-disc DVD package.  Both include DisneyFile, a digital copy of the movie that can be downloaded to your computer and viewed on an assortment of electronic devices.  For extra entertainment, Disney Home Entertainment has enhanced both the Blu-ray and the DVDs with very cool bonus features.

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