Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

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An interesting fact about the third installment of the popular Ice Age saga Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (or Ice Age 3) is that since its premiere in theaters worldwide this summer, it has made three times more revenue internationally than it has in the U.S.  In some foreign countries it has been the biggest hit since the movie “Titanic” made impact.  Such is the case in many Latin American countries where the film has been released in Spanish and Portuguese versions using famous telenovela personalities as voice actors, such as Angelica Vale and Carlos Espejel.

Why do I even mention this fact?  Well, because the theory as of to why it’s done so well in Latin America is that Ice Age’s family-centered theme is very attractive to Latino audiences.  You see, the story of Ice Age is that a dysfunctional family of sorts travels together and encounters adventures along the way.  The family is made up of  pre-historic mammals who have found each other while migrating south to avoid the ice age.  You have the father figure in Manny-a woolly mammoth, Ellie-his pregnant woolly mammoth wife, Sid-a goofy ground sloth, and Diego-a manly smilodon.

In Dawn of the Dinosaurs the herd starts to disintegrate now that Ellie is expecting a baby, making Sid and Diego feel left out.  Diego decides it’s time to go out on his own, while Sid embarks on his own adventure at being a “mother”, only to cross paths with a very angry and comical T-Rex which brings the adventure to new heights.  Without spoiling the plot, I can tell you that the strong family-ties that have united this pack is what will bring them together to save Sid, once more.  As strong as the herd is, they still need the help of a new friend with Rambo ambitions called Buck.

It’s no secret that once you include dinosaurs, especially cute baby dinosaurs, into any kid-oriented plot you will get tons of attention and delight from them.  Ice Age went that familiar route and created another fast-paced, yet tender and comical movie for kids.  The comedy relief is still being provided by the very popular Scrat, a squirrel who’s obsessed with his acorn and is oblivious to the great-scale impact his actions have.  This time, love strikes, but, is it enough to make him let go of that acorn?

The movie was just released on DVD this week.  Movie studios are fighting hard to keep up with the technology and are offering movies in many formats to fit your needs.  For example, the Combo Pack comes with a Blu-ray, a DVD and a digital copy you can burn into your portable devices.  It does come at a price ($39.99), but it does pay-off in options and extra content such as interviews, special Scrat shorts, games, such as a Digital Story Maker from scenes you choose, a “Walk the Dinosaur” music video, deleted scenes, and more fun stuff.

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