One of the biggest challenges I have with living so far from all our immediate family is making sure that we keep those ties that bind constantly nurtured. Aside from planning to visit at least once per year either the family in El Salvador or the one in Mexico, we have to make sure all the moments in between those are somehow captured and shared so we all feel connected and part of each other’s lives.

Fortunately, we’re pretty much a tech-connected family and we count the many blessings of ways available for long distance families to stay close. We do lots of pictures, Facebook updates, video calls and such and my girl loves being part of all of those.

We just recently tried out the SPOKEnPHOTO Album iPad app – the only app that lets you create and share talking photo collections with the look and feel of a real photo album. Basically, you can record your voice to any picture using either this iPad app or the iPhone app (only talking photo moments on iPhone, no albums) and then add the talking photos to any album you create and share via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Since you can easily invite others to contribute to the album, it’s a perfect tool to get all your loved ones involved in creating special memories together and in any language they each prefer. Especially during the holidays when there are so many details to share and it’s so great to be able to hear someone’s voice and see their face any time you like. Since this Christmas is the first one in many years that we’re not traveling to see family, I’m planning on taking pictures of how my family of three will be celebrating in Los Angeles and have my daughter record all her favorite details in Spanish for her abuelitas and primos overseas to enjoy. What a lovely tradition to start!

In fact, we already tested it out by sharing with my mom this picture we recently took at Disneyland  during their Holidays celebration. You can check out the full experience (in Spanish) here.

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