Are you looking from some indoor activities for winter?  Snowman Bowling will keep the kiddos entertained while mami cooks or even for your holiday party fun.

Snowman bowling was featured in the Spirit of Christmas, Winter Issue and now I get to share it here with you, in detail.  The best part of this activity is it’s really simple and works for all ages.  Mi bebé who is 2 years old loves to knock the pins down with his feet and laughs hysterically when they fall.  He did try it with a ball but preferred to throw the ball at us and kick the pins with his little feet.

Everything you need for this Winter fun you should be able to find in your home. I used creamer bottles but you can also use water bottles and stuff them with white tissue paper to create that white snowman look or you can even use mini cereal boxes and cover them with white paper. Oh, another idea is to use a can: soda or from beans or corn….  Just paint it white or cover it with white paper.  I am sure I covered all the bases and you are bound to have one of these items in your home.

As I mentioned it’s easy set them up and let the fun begin. You can use any type of ball or styrofoam balls so it can look like nieve.

You will need:

  • creamer bottles
  • ribbon
  • orange construction paper for the nose
  • black permanent marker

1. Start by drawing the face don’t worry you don’t need to be picasso for this. All you need to do is draw 6 dots. 2 for the eyes and 4 for the mouth.

2. Cut a triangle for the nose and glue.

3. Wrap your ribbon around the neck. You may need to glue it on.

And for our over acheiver crafters, give frosty the snowman some buttons and a hat.


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