We rarely do reviews and giveaways for the mamás raising these bilingual and bicultural kids and I think it´s time to start changing that. Don´t you?

Earlier this year I found out that Salma Hayek had launched her own beauty line called Nuance, available exclusively at CVS/pharmacy locations, inspired by her abuelita in Veracruz, México – a Paris-trained cosmetologist. Something I’ve admired about Salma throughout her career is that she’s always stayed so connected to her roots and has gone out of her way to exalt Mexico’s virtues and to bring it’s traditions, arts, culture and beauty center stage. A prime example is the movie “Frida” which she starred and won an Oscar for, directed, produced and even made sure it was shot in Mexico. (Little bit of trivia: I was living in Mexico then and was actually an extra in the movie! I appear in a scene next to her for like 3 frames, but it was a blast!)

Salma Hayek Nuance

Now that she’s reached the over-40 stage and looks radiant, she’s decided to create her own beauty line and even dedicate it to her grandmother. I love this quote that’s on many of the skincare boxes:

“My line is inspired by my grandmother, who dedicated her life to keeping woman beautiful. My products are designed to help every woman enhance the nuances that define her individual beauty, and make my grandmother proud.”

If you keep reading the print on the boxes, you’ll find that many of the ingredients are exotic and regional to Mexico and South America, such as tepezcohuite, blue agave, nopal, and lime enzyme.

I recently attended an event in Los Angeles where I got to try many of the products and I can even admit that afterwards I found myself at a CVS/pharmacy looking for the eyeshadows, foundations and creams I had tested out! The prices are so great, products are paraben-free and I feel the shades were made just for my skin tone.

I asked if we could offer a giveaway to all of you deserving moms to pamper yourself a bit and try out this fantastic beauty line with over 100 products, and the answer was an enthusiastic YES!

The Giveaway!

Check out what will be in the Nuance Salma Hayek one of you will be lucky enough to win!

Swag Bag Goodies (total retail value of approximately $105.00):

  • Nuance Salma Hayek Shea Butter Shampoo: $7.99
  • Nuance Salma Hayek Shea Butter Conditioner: $7.99
  • Nuance Salma Hayek Nail Lacquer (5 colors): $5.99/each
  • Nuance Salma Hayek AM/PM Anti-Aging Super Cream: $19.99
  • Nuance Salma Hayek Anti-Aging Smooth & Firm Elixir: $19.99
  • Nuance Salma Hayek My Secret Super Brightening Hand Cream: $9.99
  • Nuance Salma Hayek Style & Finish Firm Hold Hairspray: $9.99
  • Nuance Salma Hayek My Secret Super Moisturizing Body Cream – Sample size with $2 off coupon
  • Nuance Salma Hayek Flawless Finish Liquid Foundation – Sample size with $2 off coupon

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