Editor’s note: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this holiday season we asked all of our regular contributors – we’re up to nine! – to just send us a photo that expresses what the holidays mean to them for this collection of Bicultural Christmas Photos. What kind of photo would you have sent in?

“When I was little, my mother always made cookies around Christmas time. Decorating the sugar cookies with my sisters is an especially happy memory. Now grown with our own children, we carry on the tradition by getting together a week or two before Christmas to make and decorate cookies as a family… Since my husband is Salvadoran and I’ve been immersed in Latin American culture, I also make tamales this time of year. I learned about “tamaladas” — (when families get together for the holidays to make tamales) – and it made me feel a little lonely making my tamales all by myself — but then I realized that our cookie tradition is really similar. I’ve started calling them “galletadas.”

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