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Babybug Spanish Magazine App

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Instead of searching through your home library for a different story to read to your baby every day, consider using virtual magazine Babybug en español to provide some variety. Babybug is a bimonthly publication full of interactive short stories, nursery rhymes, and coloring activities.

Flip through each story vertically or slide horizontally to see the next page in the magazine. Each story or rhyme includes audio, and some even have real-life video. Infants and toddlers will enjoy touching the screen to hear sound effects or watch animation, and can explore their early artistic senses with a coloring activity in each issue.

Fitting for both girls and boys, Babybug is a nice mix of cute, traditional cuentos and unexpected information. Read the issues with your baby to teach them about everything from animals to vehicles.

Download Babybug en español to your Newsstand and enjoy automatic updates when you subscribe.


Find Babybug en español in iTunes

Available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Recommended for ages 0-2

Price: FREE (one issue); individual issues $1.99- $3.99; annual subscription $17.99

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