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We hope you enjoy our weekly round up of all things bilingual and bicultural:

1) Immigrants’ Children: An NPR occasional series – Immigrants bring many things to the U.S., but their lasting contribution to the country has always been their children. NPR’s series Immigrants’ Children looks at that legacy, telling the stories of those children and examining the issues they face. I can’t wait to read or listen to more of this interesting series. The one about the Germans in Wisconsin is definitely worth reading, especially as it relates to bilingual education. As usual, some of the comments are just plain weird.

2) Libraries to Showcase Bilingual Resources During El Dia de Los Ninos/El Dia de Los Libros – As the nation’s population continues to become more diverse, hundreds of libraries will showcase their multicultural programs and services this April 30th during national El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros (Children’s Day/Book Day). There’s a link to the site which contains more information about this wonderful event. I’m excited because I just found out the Denver Art Museum – together with the complex that surrounds it: other museum’s and the city’s public library – will be hosting a series of events to celebrate this day. Can’t wait to take Vanessa!

3) The importance of a national César Chávez Day – For the the nationwide community of Mexican-Americans, Chavez is a heroic role model because his actions, on behalf of the migrant farmer, resulted in positive change. His courage created a legacy that while remembered is also forgotten until the words he made famous, Si se puede, are randomly invoked by politicians and activists. This past 31st of March, marked the birthdate of César Chávez, a truly outstanding human being. If you’d like to teach your kids about him, but don’t have a lot of information on him, check this website out: Celebrating César Chávez.

4) More minorities in suburban schools yet they experience less diversity and more segregation – According to a report the Pew Hispanic Center released recently, though the student population of America’s suburban public schools has shot up by 3.4 million in the past decade and a half – and virtually all of this increase (99%) has been due to the enrollment of new Latino, black and Asian students – there has been only a modest increase in the racial and ethnic diversity of student populations at the level of the individual suburban school. Not surprising and a call to find a way to change things…

On a lighter note:

5) Expanding Kids’ Horizons: Makers of multicultural toys offer children new ways to see the world – ‘The world does not revolve around me.” That appears to be the message of a number of manufacturers who have recently entered the multicultural toy market. Some of these I’ve heard of before – particularly our fellow bilingual education advocate, Boca Beth – some I haven’t. Some could be real interesting. Hmmm…

6) Free download of Spanish Alphabet Bilingual Song for Children - Here is a chance to get Boca Beth’s cool Rappin’ the Spanish Alphabet / Rappin’ el alfabeto español song off their 2nd bilingual music CD. Speaking of Boca Beth, here’s a great giveaway. Ana calls the song “catchy and fun!” What are you waiting for?

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