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Doc McStuffins: Time for your Checkup! review

As soon as the Doc McStuffins video arrived and I opened the box I was super excited to see that the main character, Doc, was a woman of color. My daughter, who is almost 3, has been noticing the color of people’s skin and I have been starting to wonder if she’s timid around darker skinned people or if I am misinterpreting her reactions. I have also noticed that most of the people she interacts with are white so it wouldn’t be too surprising if I were right, unfortunately.

We are a Latino household and I consider my skin to be brown. That being said, it has been challenging to find books that reflect images of minorities in a positive and non-stereotypical light. In fact, all of my nena’s dolls are white which makes me concerned about the messages she is internalizing. I am not the only one that feels this way. As I was reviewing this new Disney product I ran across mom bloggers, such as Cincomom, who were happy to see an African-American in the role of the doctor.

The character, Doc, basically gets help from her stuffed animals to fix toys. My daughter knows what a doctor is since she has been going to many of my prenatal visits and seemed excited to see one working with little toys and animals. Since we are expecting a baby this summer the video has also provided us with another frame of reference to continue talking to her about what doctors do; such as deliver babies. It’s been fun watching her reactions to how, la doctora (since we only watch the video in Spanish), interacts and heals her toys with the help of her friends.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful Disney video as much as we have!

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