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There are certain words that are universal in meaning, no matter which language you speak. One of them is ‘Disney.’  Say ‘Disney’ or ‘Mickey Mouse’ to a child who speaks Spanish, German, Mandarin or any other language and her eyes will most likely light up. I know Camila has already developed a love for many things Disney, including fairies, the mouse and, now, Woody from Toy Story.

She was ecstatic last week when we got invited to spend the day at Disneyland, only a 30 minute drive for us, because she now can truly enjoy the many attractions and get excited to meet the characters.  The invitation included a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to witness the unveiling of a spectacular, very anticipated, new show at the Disney California Adventure park in Anaheim, CA:  World of Color.  I couldn’t say no and pass up the opportunity to share with all of you this amazing nighttime spectacle Disney has dreamed up.  I apologize if this seems off our topic of raising bilingual and bicultural children, but it was just such a beautiful experience that I want you all to have a bit of it.  (I want to make it clear no compensation has been received, this is just my personal opinion.)

It is truly difficult to explain in words exactly what World of Color is because they just don’t do it justice.  I had never seen anything like this, and had no idea that the combination of water, lights, images, fire and music could be so breathtaking. The most loved Disney characters are brought to life in multidimensional forms on what appear to be huge clouds of mist, created by the thousands of jets of water Disney imagineers assembled for this.  The show lasts about 25 minutes, but flies past you in a daze as you sit there mesmerized by this fantastical creation.

I wasn’t able to have my daughter and husband come with me to the World Premiere event since I was technically “working.”  But, we’re already making plans to go back as soon as we can.

Here’s a video where you can get a glimpse of what I attempted to put in words. Still, not even the video does the real thing justice!  You gotta see it to believe.


If you want to keep up-to-date with what’s happening over at Disneyland, check out our bloguera friend’s Liz, Silvia and Aracely´s new Spanish-language blog, Disneylandia Al Día.  They have a cool video up of the fun we had at the event.

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