Holidays at Disneyland

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If I had to choose only one time of the year to visit the Disneyland Resorts, it would be during the Holidays. Both of the parks (Disneyland and California Adventure), the hotels and even Downtown Disney just exude even more magic and completely embody the merry spirit of the holidays.

Not only are the streets, the building facades and the characters trimmed with the best holiday decor and costumes, but also many of our favorite rides and shows–like “It’s a small world” and “Haunted Mansion” are customized to include music and stories to fit the season.

It's a Small World Disneyland holiday

Image courtesy of Disneyland Resorts

“It’s a Small World” (pictured above) is  gets a total facelift from the exterior and the interior. Outside it shines with hundreds thousands of colored lightbulbs outlining its facade. Also nightly on the façade is “The Magic, The Memories and You!” show with its new holiday sequence. Once you enter, you truly step into a wonderland featuring Disney’s interpretation of the holidays around the world. The boat goes along the different continents while the never-ending classic songs”It’s a small world” and “Jingle Bells” are sung in many languages.

Disneyland castle holiday

In Fantasyland, you will find the traditional snowdrifts and icicles adorning Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle. Truly beautiful when seen at night.

The Sleeping Beauty’s Winter Castle presentation unfolds throughout the evening in three acts, each of them featuring a touch of winter snow on Main Street, U.S.A. The finale of the show includes the legendary “Believe … in Holiday Magic” fireworks show, which takes you on a journey of sights and sounds of the season and ends with a touching rendition of “White Christmas,” along with a climactic snowfall swirling down on Main Street, U.S.A., “it’s a small world” Mall and New Orleans Square.

“A Christmas Fantasy” parade has become a holiday tradition in Disneyland. Guests enjoy watching as Disney characters celebrate the magic of the season, wrapping gifts, baking  holiday treats and preparing for the arrival of Santa Claus, who shouts a jolly greeting to spectators along the parade route.  Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse even take to the ice for some skating fun.

Photo by AngryJulieMonday

I was amazed to find out Disneyland decorators trim nearly 700 Christmas trees in the resort for the holidays – at the parks, hotels and Downtown Disney. The one pictured above is the most photographed one in the resort as it is the one that greets you once you enter Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland. Just check out and admire the detail which goes into it.

In fact, the Disneyland Resort Enhancement team works year round just to create this holiday spirit. Here´s a brief and interesting glimpse of how it all comes together behind-the-scenes:


My daughter has no idea how lucky she is to live a mere 30 minutes away from Disneyland and get the chance to experience so many special moments there. However, no matter how many times we go, the touch of magic is always there. The Holiday celebrations just bring it up a notch.

Disclosure: My family and I were invited to spend a day at the Disneyland Resort. All opinions are my own.

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