Cuenta Cuentos  La Bella Durmiente.   YouTube

If you grew up in Spain or Latin America in the 1980′s you might remember a series of books and tapes with stories and songs called CuentaCuentos de Salvat. It was a collection of songs, classic stories and fábulas that were narrated by actors and master storytellers.

Some time ago one of our readers left a comment on our Facebook page with a YouTube link to a channel with all of these CuentaCuentos in a digitized version. Turns out a woman by the name of ClaraDarko took upon herself the task to digitize all the tapes and take video and pictures of the books. She’s put the full collection on a YouTube channel and is available for us to enjoy with our kids!

She’s also created playlists for Fábulas, Canciones, Cuentos del Mundo and her recommendations.

I leave you here our #BilingualKids Video of the Week from the CuentaCuentos de Salvat collection: “La Bella Durmiente.”

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