31 Days of Reading in Spanish

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My stepson just came back home after spending a year training with the Marine Corps. My kids are in awe every time they see him wearing one of his uniforms and bombard him with all types of questions. Graciela Tiscareño-Sato’s son was the same way and so that’s how this Latina military officer and former aviator came up with the idea for Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá

The bilingual book, which has been impeccably translated to Spanish, tells the story of a little boy named Marcos who is curious about seeing his mom in her uniform and decides to ask her a bunch of questions about why she wears it and the meaning of all the different patches she has. His mom goes through each one explaining their significance and even gives him a special one to hold onto as she leaves on a mission.

I think this book is perfect not only for kids’ with family members in the military, but also for parents who want to teach their kids about those in uniform and the need to respect them and honor them for all they do.

31 Days Of Reading in SpanishBOOK DETAILS

Title:  Buenas Noches Capitán Mamá

Author:  Graciela Tiscareño-Sato

Illustrator: Linda Lens

Publisher/Year: Gracefully Global Group, LLC/2013

Ages: 4-7 years

ISBN :  978-0983476030

Price:  $15.29 on Amazon.com

Website: www.captainmama.com

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