31 Days of Reading in Spanish

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Good Night Moon is an all-American classic. It was the first book I received as a present for my son, in English. It was the first book I read to him. Since it was in English, I would translate the words into Spanish as I went along… until I found this translation, which is a pretty great translation. I am so happy that this book is available in Spanish.

Buenas Noches Luna continues to be one of his favorite books. There is something about the rhythm of the words that makes it quite enjoyable, even lulling. Now that my son is older, I like asking him “Donde está la Luna?” or “Donde está la vaca?”  so he can point out the pictures. At the end of the book when it’s time to say “Buenas noches” to everything, I always add, “Buenas noches, Enzo” y “Buenas noches mama.”  This American classic should be a part of every SpanglishBaby’s library, en español, por supuesto.

31 Days Of Reading in Spanish     BOOK DETAILS

    Title:  Buenas Noches Luna

    Author: Margaret Wise Brown

    Illustrator: Clement Hurd

    Publisher:  Harper Collins Publishers     

    ISBN: 9780694016518

    Price:  $6.29 on Amazon.com

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