31 Days of Reading in Spanish: ¡Jonrón!

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Baseball is a summertime tradition in America and although I’m not a sports fanatic, watching movies or reading books about playing outdoors makes me relish the summer heat even more. As a T-ball player, my son is intrigued by books about baseball, and ¡Jonrón! is no exception.

Written by New York Yankees player Alex Rodríguez, this story is autobiographical and tells about Alex’s experience as a young boy learning to practice baseball so he could perform better in the games. He and his friend, J.D., wake up early in the morning to play before school, and Alex even practices tossing the ball in his room every day. Because of his dedication, he finally hits a home run and his team wins the championship.

Aside from the great storyline, this book is interesting because there are a few pages of real pictures from Alex’s childhood at the end. There’s even an inspirational note from the author about how his hard work in school and baseball took him all the way to the big leagues. ¡Jonrón! is a fun book with a real message.

31 Days Of Reading in Spanish      BOOK DETAILS

      Title: ¡Jonrón!

      Author: Alex Rodríguez

      Illustrator: Frank Morrison

      Ages: 4-8 years

      Publisher/Year: Harper Collins/2007

      ISBN: 978-0061151972

      Price: $13.98 on Amazon.com

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