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My Bilingual Writer

You might remember how worried I was about teaching Vanessa to read and write in Spanish before she entered kindergarten last fall. In the end, I opted not to go that route and instead she’s been learning to read and write at school in English first. When I made my decision, I figured it’d be easier – for both of us – to transfer the skills she learned in English to Spanish and all would be merry.

Little did I know that my bilingual daughter would get ahead of the game all by herself. As evident from the pictures above, she’s been having absolutely no issues transferring the writing skills she’s learned in school in English into Spanish. I’ve been stuck in the library the past few weekends finish our forthcoming SpanglishBaby book and so my husband has been in charge of the children. When I came home after a long day writing last weekend, I found the papers pictured above on top of my desk in my home office. (The ones here are only one example. She actually wrote several more in both English and Spanish).

When I asked my husband about them, he said Vanessa had done them all by herself and had surprised him too. In other words, nobody prompted her to write them or to do it in both languages.

I don’t think I need to tell any of you what a proud mama I am!

p.s. She’s been doing the same with reading… just transferring those skills. I am extremely impressed.

What proud bilingual moments can you share with us?

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