An Easter Egg Hunt in Spanish!

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This Easter, instead of doing the same old boring egg hunt we do every year, I’ve decided to turn it into an opportunity for Vanessa to practice her Spanish reading skills while hopefully having a ton of fun! The premise is simple: a scavenger hunt with clues in Spanish, but with a twist. All you’re going to need is a bunch of different color plastic eggs, paper, marker and whatever you’ll need to make your children’s Easter baskets, which IRead More ...

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with El Chavo (and Shakira!)

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My daughter Vanessa always wants to know what kinds of games I played as a child or what kinds of song I sung or what kind of books I read. Sometimes I use that as an opportunity to expose her to our culture in a fun way. Well, the other day she asked me what kind of stuff I used to watch on TV. When I found “El Chavo del 8″ DVDs at Walmart, I knew I had to getRead More ...

The Only Convertible Car Seat Your Niños Will Need

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One of the best parts of living close to my familia is that I have several loving people who help me take care of my niños. The only bad thing is that this means everyone has to have two cars seats in their car so they can help with school pickup and drop-off when necessary. So, between my car, my husband’s, our nanny’s, my mom’s and my sister’s, all in all we need 10 car seats! Well, you can imagineRead More ...

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