An Easter Egg Hunt in Spanish!

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An Easter Egg Hunt in Spanish

This Easter, instead of doing the same old boring egg hunt we do every year, I’ve decided to turn it into an opportunity for Vanessa to practice her Spanish reading skills while hopefully having a ton of fun!

The premise is simple: a scavenger hunt with clues in Spanish, but with a twist. All you’re going to need is a bunch of different color plastic eggs, paper, marker and whatever you’ll need to make your children’s Easter baskets, which I had no problem finding at my local Walmart.

Scrambled Clues

First, come up with a clue that will lead each child to his or her Easter basket. For example, “debajo de la almohada azul en tu cuarto” or “detrás de la puerta de mi baño” or where ever you chose to hide the basket.

Write the clue on a piece of paper and then cut up each word separately. Assign each child a plastic egg color and stick each word into a separte plastic egg. In Vanessa’s case, for example, I know I’ll be assigning her the pink ones. So let’s say I use the second clue, each one of her pink plastic eggs would include a scrap of paper with just one word, such as “detrás,” “puerta,” “baño,” “de” and so on.

An Easter Egg Hunt in Spanish

Then you need to hide the plastic eggs just like you normally would. Explain the game to your children and have them go hunting for their assigned color. Once they have all their eggs, they have to work on arranging the words to be able to figure out the clue and go get their Easter basket!

I think my daughter, who’s totally into pirates, maps, clues and treasure hunts, is going to absolutely love this! And she’ll get to practice her Spanish reading skills along the way. Can’t wait to see if she’s able to unscramble the words and figure out the clue!

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