My Easter Confession + More Cascarones Love

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I have to admit the traditional American Easter celebration with bunnies, egg hunts and such still feels new to me. As much as I grew up with both the U.S. and Salvadoran traditions, in El Salvador Easter week was Semana Santa; and that meant a week of beach and religious celebrations. This is honestly the first year we’ve gone all out with a visit from the Easter bunny, an egg hunt and, claro, learning how to make cascarones (confetti EasterRead More ...

An Easter Egg Hunt in Spanish!

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This Easter, instead of doing the same old boring egg hunt we do every year, I’ve decided to turn it into an opportunity for Vanessa to practice her Spanish reading skills while hopefully having a ton of fun! The premise is simple: a scavenger hunt with clues in Spanish, but with a twist. All you’re going to need is a bunch of different color plastic eggs, paper, marker and whatever you’ll need to make your children’s Easter baskets, which IRead More ...

Easy-To-Make Cereal Box Easter Basket

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Spring, is near! Hurrah! Hurrah! Between the winter weather and rain you  may be stuck in your casa, more than you would like to be. So pull out your craft box and let’s get started. Your main supplies are basic things you may already have in your house: cereal box and tissue paper. You can also use leaves, Spanish moss, ribbon or scrapbook paper to personalize your Easter basket. These are great to use as party favors, Easter class treats orRead More ...

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