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56 Questions in Spanish to Spark Family Dinner Conversations {Printable Sheet}

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I recently read a fascinating study about how dinnertime conversation supports literacy development. Although the study was conducted in English, the fundamental findings seem to apply in all languages: family mealtimes were more often a predictor of academic and social success than even time spent studying, or participation in sports or church. Regardless of family demographics, teenagers in the U.S. who eat with their families five times a week or more have higher rates of academic success, and lower ratesRead More ...

SpanglishBaby Dads: Thanks to All the Dads Who Keep Spanish Alive at Home

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Editor’s note: We’re spending this week celebrating dads raising bilingual kids with guest posts written by them in honor of Father’s Day. We love having the dad’s perspective and hope this series encourages other papis to share their stories with us. Although this last post wasn’t written by a dad, it was written by a mom thanking her husband for keeping Spanish alive at home. As a “gringa” who didn’t start studying Spanish until the age of 13 and whose “road less traveled” ledRead More ...

SpanglishBaby Dads: The Steps We’re Taking to Raise a Bilingual Daughter

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Editor’s note: We’re spending this week celebrating dads raising bilingual kids with guest posts written by them in honor of Father’s Day. We love having the dad’s perspective and hope this series encourages other papis to share their stories with us.  I am a bit protective of my daughter’s developing bilingual—but especially Spanish—proficiency. Perhaps this is because, as I mentioned in a previous post, I learned Spanish as a second language, and I am the only Spanish speaker on bothRead More ...

Using Comics To Teach Older Kids Spanish

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Students from seventh through twelfth grade at the school where I teach are interested in comics. Actually, I have recently learned that the correct term for these books is graphic novels. I see them reading during lunch, on the school bus, and sometimes they even try to sneak reading them during class. I love when I see the kids so excited to read. Learning Spanish can be challenging and tedious for teenagers. Older students often have to struggle to acquireRead More ...

Your Heritage Should Not Be Foreign to Your Children

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I have been teaching languages for over five years now. Although I don’t have kids of my own, I spend most of my day helping parents reach the goal of bilingualism for their children, and I listen to all of their complaints. Many parents say that once their kids start elementary school, they refuse to speak Spanish at home. Most parents eventually end up giving up trying because they just want to spend time enjoying their kids rather than fighting.Read More ...

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