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Martha Stewart Takes Her Show to Mexico City

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martha stewart mexico city show

Mexico City got yet another moment to shine in the spotlight thanks to a visit from Martha Stewart and her show’s crew.  Their culinary, architectural and artisanal adventures were captured into a one-hour “The Martha Stewart Show” which aired yesterday, Wed. Nov. 2 on the Hallmark Channel. No worries if you missed it like I did, we can catch a repeat today at 1pm Eastern time on Hallmark. From the press release: Mexico City shines in the spotlight of HallmarkRead More ...

Celebrate a Traditional Mexican Holiday: Día de los Muertos

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In our bicultural home we have a fondness for Día de los Muertos {Day of the Dead}, which is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, and is a traditional Mexican holiday dedicated to the memory of the loved ones we’ve lost.  The idea is that we celebrate and remember them with joy, cheerfulness and colors. This tradition is so full of history and symbolism that it’s one I’m hanging on to tightly to instill some meaning into these over-hyped holidays.Read More ...

Memories of Tulum, Mexico, One of The World’s 50 Best Beaches

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tulum mexico best beaches in the world

I love being able to say I have so many memories of the best getaways in Tulum, Mexico, a gorgeous-beyond-words beach town which is now being considered one of the world’s 50 best beaches, according to It’s great to see Tulum being showcased to the world, but I also get a little bit zealous of keeping it a bit of a secret because, in a way, you want it to keep being quiet, almost desolate and a an “insider’s”Read More ...

Mexico Welcomes “La Fiesta de América”: Pan American Games 2011

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pan american games guadalajara mexico

In just three days Mexico will receive approximately 6,000 athletes from 42 nations in Guadalajara, Jalisco for the largest multi-sport event of 2011: XVI Pan American Games or Juegos Panamericanos. This massive sporting event that unites North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean is an excellent opportunity to talk to your children about the different cultures, languages, and diverse people that make up this part of the globe.  Especially about the rich traditions and folklore to which theRead More ...

Got A Story About Mexico To Share? It Could Win You $500!

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mexico today social magazine

As you know, since June I’ve been sharing stories about the things I love about Mexico and I think you will too. Now, as a Mexico Today Community Manager, most of my posts will live on the newly launched Mexico Today Social Magazine. What’s exciting about this is that YOU get to share your stories there too! They can be articles you write or any links (video or text) about Mexico you find and want to share. Not only willRead More ...

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