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Expo Mexico Emprende

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expo mexico emprende

Last January we gave you four reasons why every child in the United States should speak Spanish. One of them being: U.S.–Latin American relations are increasingly more closely knit. Barriers have blurred and, no matter how high the walls we try to build, we live a co-dependent existence with our neighbors across the border.  The NYT columnist points out that the economies in the Latin American region were some of the few which nicely survived the economic crisis.  We areRead More ...

Happy 100th Birthday To Cantinflas, A Mexican Icon

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Mexico’s most prominent and most loved film icon would have been celebrating his 100th birthday today.  Mario Moreno, better known as Cantinflas, embodies Mexico’s spirit and amplified it through his movies and cartoons to the rest of the world.  He definitely put Mexico’s film industry on the map, especially after his 1957 Golden Globe  win as best actor in a comedy or musical, as he took his beloved country’s customs and social disparities to the global screen. If you wereRead More ...

Riviera Maya: The Ideal Destination To Travel With Children

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The Riviera Maya in Mexico is a place that has truly been blessed by nature.  Its claim to fame is the turquoise Caribbean sea that embraces the coastline of the state of Quintana Roo.  But there is more to this paradise than the ocean; natural marvels, ancient history, quaint towns, eco-adventures and more provide the perfect setting for the ideal travel plans where the whole family will have  a fun vacation in a safe environment. Just be careful, very careful,Read More ...

Pueblos Mágicos: A Must Visit For the Real México

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Pueblos Magicos Magical Towns Mexico

During last week´s #MexicoToday Twitter party I co-hosted, I noticed that many tweeps (myself included) were using the words “magical” and “mágico” to describe México and their experiences in this country.  It´s difficult not to include the word magical when talking about a country that exudes so much mysticism because of the force of its natural beauty and the juxtaposition of ancient, colonial and modern cultures all at once.  The unexplainable and unattainable becomes magical for a loss of aRead More ...

The Women of México Today

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As most of you know, I’ve been hired as a Community Manager and Ambassador for the México Today campaign. I´ve gushed enough already (here and here) about how I couldn´t ask for a better partnership, but I haven´t gushed enough about the other women ambassadors I have the privilege of sharing this space with. Today, I want to introduce you to them (yes, there are 12 male ambassadors as well and we´ll feature them soon), not only because I thinkRead More ...

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