Peruvian Triple Sandwich {Recipe}

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Peruvian Triple sandwich

Triples — sandwiches like the ones you see in the photo above — were a staple of my childhood back home in Peru. And yet, I hadn’t really made them for myself or my kids until late last year. I was craving one from a specific sandwich place back home, when I wondered out loud: “Why can’t I just make it at home? It’s not like it’s that complicated…”

The next day, I went shopping for all the ingredients and requested my daughter’s help making these delicious sandwiches that contain three simple, but healthy ingredients: avocados, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs. And I was so happy when she took her first bite and instantly fell in love with it! Here’s my version of this yummy sandwich (I use 4 slices of bread instead of the traditional 3).

Peruvian Triple Sandwich

INGREDIENTS: (For one sandwich)

1/4 Avocado cut in thin slices or mushed up

1/2 Roma Tomato thinly sliced

1 Hard boiled egg sliced

4 thin slices of bread



Spread some mayonnaise on one of the slices and layer the slices of avocado on top and sprinkle them with a bit of lime juice so it doesn’t turn black. Cover it with the second slice of bread and put the slices of tomato on top. Cover with a third slice and put slices of hard boiled egg. Cover with fourth and final slice of bread.

Peruvian Triple Sandwich

Get rid of the bread crusts and cut sandwich into triangles.

Can a healthy sandwich get any simpler than that?

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