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Wreck It Ralph coloring pages

Disney’s much anticipated Wreck-It Ralph hits theaters today! We’ve already shared an introduction to this film with you, and a mouth watering “Sugar Rush” inspired cake recipe to go along with it! So it’s not secret we are excited to for this film to debut.

What we love about this imaginative film is that there is something for the whole family to enjoy in this movie. Wreck-It Ralph is an arcade-game-hopping adventure. How exactly does that happen? Well, when Ralph, the villan of an arcade video game gets fed up with being the bad guy and being overshadowed by Fix-It Felix, the good guy, Ralph decides to go off on a journey through multiple generations of video games in the arcade to prove that he can be a hero.  Be ready to see many of your and your niño’s favorite video game characters! To celebrate we want to share three Wreck It Ralph coloring pages for your kids to enjoy.

For a printable version of these coloring pages click here.

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