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Disney Wreck-It Ralph

I was invited to a sneak preview of Wreck-It Ralph a few weeks ago, along with a chance to interview the cast of the film. Here are a few things the stars had to say about the making of the film which premieres everywhere today.

John C Reilly (voice of Wreck-It Ralph):

You were so perfect for this character, I’m just wondering, did you know you had the voice for Wreck-it Ralph because it fit you like a charm?

John:It was kinda the process of becoming perfect for the character or the character becoming perfect for me. When I started out I was a bit weary of this animation process, they throw all kinds of crazy ideas around. At one point I was this horned monster with orange skin, it’s a video game character so it could be anything, all I had to be was the bad guy. So I watched all these different versions coming through… That’s the wonderful thing about how they start at the beginning.  The artist can do whatever they want. Whatever comes in their head they do all these crazy experiments, stream of consciousness ideas coming out on paper. So I sort of became Ralph and Ralph became me through the process of doing it.

Sarah Silverman (voice of Vanellope Von Schweetz):

What was your favorite part about playing Vanellope?

Sarah: I think her strength, her perseverance , her scappyness, especially at the beginning she’s obnoxious and precocious and she’s tough, but like any tough kid she’s protecting this scared little girl that’s rejected who just wants to play with everyone else. It’s the survival skill, and you know that kinda makes her every girl.

How does Sarah Silverman go to PG or a Disney film? I would have never pictured you in a Disney movie, do you think it’s logical?

Sarah: They just cut out all the curse words. There’s probably an audio blooper reel. No seriously, on one hand when Disney wanted me, I was like are you sure Sarah Silverman? But I’ve always been a huge Disney fan, I’m a huge baby and kids person, even though I don’t have any of my own. I was really happy they could see beyond those things. Or I was like do they only know me from Monk and Yo Gabba Gabba? But at the same time the filthiest comedian from when I was growing up is Eddie Murphy and he’s made quite a home with Disney. I know how to bite my tongue.

Jane Lynch (voice of Sergeant Calhoun):

Were you ever a gamer?

Jane: NO! I never even stepped foot in an arcade. Maybe except to drag my brother out of there. But I did play Astroids in the 80′s a few times.

How did recording Wreck-It Ralph work with your schedule? I’m sure you are uber busy with Glee. Did they work around your schedule?

Jane: Yeah, I would get an email from my agent saying we’re gonna do a Wreck-It Ralph this week, let me know what your schedule looks like. Then I would say I have Friday morning free and I’d come in and record during my free time from Glee. Then I wouldn’t hear from them for 3  months. Then I’d come in for an hour here and there. By the end they only would need me for 15 minutes.

Would you like to see a spin-off of your character?

Jane: Oh YEAH! I think there are many stories to be told in the arcade world.

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I was so inspired by the film I decided to make Ralph a medal… Here is a sugar cookie medal you can make at home with your family to honor the brave Wreck-It Ralph and all his hero characteristics! Take a big heart shaped sugar cookie and decorate it with blue icing. Then with white icing pipe the words “You’re My Hero” on it. Decorate the edge with sugar candy sprinkles and attach a ribbon to it. Or better yet eat it while watching the film. Go see Wreck-It Ralph, it’s sure to touch your heart.


Check out the Wreck-It Ralph trailer here:

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