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I have a very curious four-year-old bilingual boy at home who is eager to learn his letters and numbers. He traces them with his fingers, and has learned the letters M, P, and O. “M” for of course, Matías (his name), Mami and… Mono, “P” for Papi and “O” for Oma (what he calls his abuelita).

But here is the real kicker, I only taught these to him two weeks ago when Munchkin, the children’s safety and learning toys brand, sent us their Traveling (portable bilingual) Flash Cards which help children ages 3 and up learn their letters, numbers and shapes with animal pictures. As soon as we opened the box, Matías was immediately drawn to the letters and said “Mira mami, tantas letras. ¡Me gustan!” Every morning he rides to preschool with his cards, which have a carry handle and he goes through each letter and number shouting each one out, then describing the animal in English and Spanish. We even learned a few that I didn’t know, such as  Newt or Tritón.

I am always excited about bilingual learning tools and these little cards have turned out to be a massive help and kickstart to more learning. The real surprise came today when out in the snow, he actually wrote out the letters M and P – I was absolutely floored and overcome with pride. It just goes to show how just a little bit goes a long way. Now every night we sit down with our cards and practice learning a different letter. Tonight we repeated the letters T and D – for Tía Denise (my sister and his madrina)

As for Munchkin, I am a fan of their innovative products and I am happy to see them incorporating bilingual products into their range – they are doing a world of good and so many kids both bilingual and non will be eager to learn and take pride in knowing how to say things in more than one language. The cards are well worth the $5 and the quality is superb. Two hands up from both Matías and Mami.

But the Munchkin goodness doesn’t end there. They have also kindly sent me a White Hot Inflatable Safety Duck Tub  for my little girl (due next week) and their brand new SaraBear PORT Hamper  – which believe me, is like the rockstar of hampers. It folds up nicely when not in use, then it opens up and the handles have magnets which sits like a traditional basket, and it can also be used as a travel bag. Love multi use items!

The Giveaway

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One reader will receive not only the Traveling Bilingual Flash Cards, but also the Safety Duck Tub and the SaraBear Hamper. All you have to do is visit the Munchkin website and leave us a comment telling us which is your favorite product. Then, enter the rafflecopter below.

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