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María José Ovalle was born in Chile and moved to the Washington, D.C. area when she was 11 years old and continued to split her time between the nation's capital and Chile. She has her Master's degree in Public Communication and Public Relations from the University of Westminster in London where she lived for six years until October 2011. A busy mamá to a 4 1/2 year old bilingual son and a daughter born January 2013. she manages her blog Very Busy Mamá {life, beauty & style} www.verybusymamablog, does freelance PR and Social Media work and tries to fit in running for fitness.


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Michelle Obama at Bell Multicultural High School

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Despite living only five  miles from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I have never had the good fortune of seeing the President or First Lady in the flesh. However, yesterday I, along with the sophomore class of Bell Multicultural High School in Columbia Heights had the pleasure of not only seeing but hearing Mrs. Obama speak on the importance of committing to your education in order to create a better future for ourselves and our country. However, this school isn’t just anyRead More ...

31 Days of Reading in Spanish: Papelucho

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Editor’s note: We continue with our 31 Days of Reading in Spanish. Check out the book review below and don’t forget to enter our weekly GIVEAWAY of $100 worth of books in Spanish! This is the last week, so you have until July 31 to enter. BOOK DESCRIPTION/REVIEW Papelucho is a series of books by author Marcela Paz and it’s a children’s classic for all Chilean kids. Twelve books were published between 1947 and 1974 — it may seem outdated, but the beautyRead More ...

5 Tips to Exercise Your Bilingual Brain

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We talk about bringing up our babies bilingual, but what about improving and polishing our own bilingual skills? I have heard many of us say that we don’t live in an area where Spanish is spoken or we have significant others who are not native speakers, so English is the dominant language. I lived in the UK for six years, where I went months without speaking Spanish. I even found myself struggling to come up with words when I wouldRead More ...

Do Bilingual People Act Differently Depending on the Language They Use?

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There is never a dull moment in this bilingual home of ours. Each day my husband or papi is getting better and expanding his vocabulary to more than just “caca” or “leche,” and my son incorporates words he has heard me say into his conversations with me — things he would only get from me. Not my mamá or his tata. For instance, when Lucía was crying he said “me carga cuando llora la Lucía.” Carga being the new word, one that I use probably tooRead More ...

SpanglishMami — Meet Nikki

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One of the greatest perks of being a blogger is all of the connections and new people you meet that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Since starting here at SpanglishBaby my network of other like-minded bilingual parents has grown and we have all been able to connect on different levels yet at the core is desire to raise our children speaking a second language. A few months ago I received an email from a fellow Latina mamá who had been readingRead More ...

Moby Go Baby Carrier Review & Giveaway

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I love carrying my baby close to me. I carried Matías everywhere in London and now with Lucía I do the same. I like the feeling of having them close to me and I notice they are instantly soothed and just melt into my chest as they fall asleep. Other times, Lucía wants to be held and I simply can’t at the moment so in the carrier she goes!  I have vacuumed, washed dishes, done laundry and even sat downRead More ...

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