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Baby Carrier Moby GO Very Busy Mama for Spanglish Baby

I love carrying my baby close to me. I carried Matías everywhere in London and now with Lucía I do the same. I like the feeling of having them close to me and I notice they are instantly soothed and just melt into my chest as they fall asleep.

Other times, Lucía wants to be held and I simply can’t at the moment so in the carrier she goes!  I have vacuumed, washed dishes, done laundry and even sat down to write reviews and blog posts with her snuggled up against my chest — talk about multitasking! But it works for you and baby.  After trying many carriers out through the years, I have come to have my favorites. Some are better for smaller babies, while something like the Moby Go is best for bigger (15 lbs – 45 lbs), heavier and older babies. The durable material and smooth thick straps make it easy and comfortable to wear. Notice I say “smooth” straps — I’ve worn other bulky ones that require too much assembly. Anything that is  made to simplify your life, but requires too much work is a no no for me. As a very busy mamá I need to be as efficient as possible and not waste time.

Carriers should be:

1) Easy to put on. There is no need for it to become a tangled web.

2) Easy to adjust while baby is in position. If you have to ask for someone else to do it, then its no good.

3) Comfortable for YOU to wear. Because if you are not loving it, then neither will the baby.

4) Papi friendly. Trust me on this one, you want a carrier your husband will want to wear. At first my husband didn’t want to carry the kids, but once he got over the fear, he prefers it. Instant papi-baby time!

5) Lightweight with easy access to pockets: You want to be able to easily access your phone, keys and money when out and having a front pocket makes you life and your baby carrying experience easier and enjoyable.

Last night I went to the book launch of Kid Trips book here in Northern Virginia and at the last minute I had to take Lucía with me. It was the perfect time to use the Moby Go for a prolonged period of time. While she slept most of the time, she was comfy and snug and I avoided back and shoulder pain — however I realized the importance of being the right weight. She is just under 15 lbs, and it made a big difference in terms of the coverage the carrier provided and how far down she sat.

Moby Go features:

  • Cross-shoulder design evenly distributes weight

  • Wide shoulder straps continue the Moby Wrap tradition of superior comfort

  • Seat designed for correct support

  • Padded leg openings

  • Removable hood

  • Easy to reach side buckles adjust for the perfect fit

  • Unique dual foam waist belt

Very Busy Mamá’s tip: Baby carrying is an art form of sorts. Some women don’t like it or are afraid of it. A woman last night said I was “brave” for carrying her everywhere, but I disagree. Like anything else it’s a matter of practice and finding the right carrier for your needs.

¡Buena suerte!

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