What a concept! An online toy retailer which sells dolls, books and products that actually represents this country’s growing multicultural population.

In fact, check out Dolls Like Me‘s philosophy: “Children need to see the world the way it really is. They need to begin to develop global understanding, cultural awareness, and self-esteem as early as possible–and children of color need positive images that look like them.” I totally agree, don’t you?

I first stumbled upon Dolls Like Me way back when we started SpanglishBaby. I was writing this post about bilingual toys and I was flabbergasted by how little I could find out there made with bilingual + bicultural kids in mind. The thing is that as the minority population increases in the U.S., more and more companies are realizing the need for products to reflect our country’s growing cultural diversity. Luckily, Dolls Like Me has basically gathered it all under one site. Therefore, you can find all sorts of stuff in this multicultural online store including puppets, memory books, costumes and hair + skin products–to name a few.

As its name states, you will find a variety of ‘ethnic’ dolls. In other words, dolls that represent what us Latinas–and most probably our children–look like. The website’s selection of dolls is fairly large, but my favorite is one called Apolonia from the Dominican Republic. Although pricey (it goes for $99), the doll is absolutely stunning. It actually looks like a collectible and I can’t imagine what it would end up looking like at the mercy of my three-year-old.

Because their selection of products is so large, I suggest you actually go visit the website so you can see for yourself all the wonderful multicultural stuff you can get your hands on for both your kids and as gifts for others.

Dolls Like Me has been generous enough to offer you a limited time 10% SpanglishBabyFinds Discount on everything in their store in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The discount will be valid from now until October 31, 2009.  To take advantage of this offer, use discount code: spanglish at checkout.

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