Let's play piñata!

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Creativity, culture, imagination and fun all in one little kit. I wished I would have found these make-your-own-piñata kits when my girl turned two.  Since she´s terrified of basically all types of piñatas after she witnessed the destruction of a Dora-shaped one, this one would have been a perfect way to involve her in the process and maybe that way she would have been more receptive to the idea.

We could have picked the shape she wanted from the elephant, dinosaur or pig.  Each box from Curiosity Kits comes with five vibrant colors, decals, stickers and more to help us creatively and easily put together a lovely piñata.  Imagine how proud your child will feel when he finishes this project!

Maybe next year I´ll go crazy and get many kits in all three animals and make it a party game.  Then we´ll have the kids stuff the piñatas with candy and take turns at them, or, more peacefully, have them take their piñatas home as a party favor.  Or I´ll just keep one around for those long rainy days perfectly suitable for some cultural arts + crafts and an improvised indoor piñata fiesta.  Que llueva, que llueva….

Find this Fiesta Elephant Piñata at the online toy store Action Toys, Inc.

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