Sukey's Circle! Vol 3: Mini Shows DVD

Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 3: Mini Shows, a bilingual DVD with 15 mini televised episodes featured on Baby First, is the perfect example of what a true circle time should be for young children.  Circle time for young children is one of the hardest jobs (at least for me it was) to do well because children are always growing at different stages.  From the moment a baby is born, his instinct is to learn, grow, and make connections with the world around him. Each one reaches his or her own milestones at different stages which makes entertaining while educating difficult.

What I loved about Sukey’s circle! is the relaxed nature and gentleness of movements that engages a child’s interest.  Her approach at circle with a soft voice and relaxed style helps children feel comfortable. Infants and toddlers are especially vulnerable to being overstimulated without such elements which makes Sukey’s style perfect for the youngest children.  Her movements are slow, simple, and easy to follow for any child who has mastered walking.  The mini shows are also just the right amount of time; just enough to get their attention, get involved, and learn something new.

Each mini show is begun with a simple greeting song that is catchy, welcoming, and easy to remember (as any good transitional greeting circle time song should be).

A few of our favorites were…

  • I Like to Move My Body; A video that invites children to join her in practicing different movements with their bodies.
  • Pat the Ball; which encourages children to explore different forms of ball play and ball skills.
  • Puppet Dance; A display of computer animated bubbles that Sukey gracefully maneuvers through and catches as she demonstrates a variety of movements with music.  It’s probably the simplest out of all the episodes, but both my five & two-year-old were watching and following along saying “catch one, catch one!” to Sukey.  They loved this one!

Sukey Molloy has studied developmental movement with former Olympian, Garland O’Quinn, Ph.D., and infant development at the School for Body Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen.  ”I look for ways to promote quiet reflection, while also engaging children in physical play, to create a sense of invitation, trust, and relationship” (Sukey Molloy).

Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 3: Mini Shows DVD is available at Sukey Molloy and Amazon.  You have the option of watching the mini shows one at a time in English or Spanish, or you can choose to play all in either language.  The total run time of the DVD is 33 minutes with 15 mini shows.

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