#BilingualKids Weekly Round-up: Back-to-School

As summer comes to an end and our niños get ready to head back to school we are busy trying to prepare but we also want to add some fun to the last days of summer vacation. We’ve rounded up a few activities to prepare for school and also have fun with the family.

How To Make Your Home Bilingual

Making Your Home Bilingual

Kali of For the Love of Spanish shared this awesome activity to get organized and make your home bilingual! We love that this is a great activity to do with kids and one that can also help them learn how to read. Click here for the instructions and list of vocabulary words in Spanish.

Picasso y el Cubismo actividades

Picasso y el Cubismo

Aprendizaje Divertido shared a set of activities to introduce kids to Picasso and cubism. Check out the activity and resources here.

5 Simple Ways to Remember Summer Vacation with Kids

5 Simple Ways to Remember Summer Vacation with Kids

We love these simple tips by The Educator’s Spin on It. These simple activities are a fun way to say goodbye to summer and we love that they can easily be done in any language! Click here for the tips and instructions.

Take a Spanish Nature Walk

Take a Spanish Nature Walk

What better time to take a walk around the neighborhood than summer! Spanish Playground shared a Spanish nature walk checklist for our niños to use on their next nature walk. The list is simple enough for all the items to be found at a local park. Click here for the Spanish nature walk checklist printable.

Mommy Maestra's Back to School Fiesta!

Mommy Maestra’s Back to School Fiesta! 

Monica of Mommy Maestra is hosting a back to school fiesta with plenty of giveaways all month long! Although this is not exactly an activity we think it’s awesome that Mommy Maestra is giving readers the opportunity to take home s0 many excellent educational materials. First up is a Spanish curriculum !

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