Sometimes, the simplest apps are the best for language reinforcement. A new app from emerging developer Tiny Factory, Bilingual Child Bubbles Word Game is an entertaining and straightforward way to keep toddlers interested in Spanish.

In each of 10 categories, including La Escuela, Los Números, and Los Medios de Transporte, pictures float around in bubbles on the screen and you must tap the one that matches the word being spoken by the character, Carlos. While the bubbles aren’t moving too fast, it is definitely a mental challenge to quickly search for the correct one. Sometimes, there is more than one you have to “pop” before moving on to the next word.

The time pressure is the best element of this app because it makes it more fun for young children and means that they won’t mind the repetition of playing categories over and over. It is also intended to improve fine motor skills.



Find Bilingual Child Bubbles Word Game in iTunes

Available for iPad

Recommended for ages 1-4

Price Free (2 levels); $2.99 per additional level; $11.99 to unlock all levels

Find out more about Tiny Factory on their website and Facebook.

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