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The Smart Projector was definitely the winner during a meetup I recently hosted for some of the kids from our bilingual playgroup to check out the toys and games Ingenio sent us to review.

At first, I had been a little worried about how it was going to turn out because none of the kids are older than 4 and even though this company’s toys are recommended for those 3 years and older and Vanessa had already played with some of them, she didn’t really do it the intended way, if that’s even possible to say about children and toys… I guess, though, that’s the whole idea behind Ingenio’s toys–something we’ve been mentioning all along–that they actually grow with your children.

The Smart Projector is another clever idea by the creators over at Ingenio and these are some of the reason why I liked it:

  • it’s definitely sturdy, which means Vanessa can lug it around without worries that it will break apart in pieces
  • the actual projection of the different animals and letters can be really intriguing for the kids, which means–at least in Vanessa’s case–it keeps her entertained longer than other toys
  • variety of options for kids to trace: 24 animals (with their names in both English + Spanish) and the alphabet in lower and capital letters
  • it’s ease of use. Not too many buttons and the disks go in and come out of their slots fairly easily. Anything that Vanessa can do on her own, gets a plus in my book!

Although my daughter only recently started showing an interest in drawing and coloring, if your kids like these activities already, I believe this toy will be a hit. Once again, they’ll be learning without even realizing it.

All of Ingenio´s bilingual toys are available via Amazon.  Of course, the best way to get them is via La Tiendita.

The Giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to our winner: Amy B.!
Ingenio, the first educational bilingual toys and games brand in the U.S., has chosen you to be the first to get a chance to win every single one of their ten toys.  Today you can enter to win the Smart Projector, winner of the 2009 Preferred Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine, simply by leaving a comment telling us why you would like to win this.

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This giveaway ends tonight, Monday, August 31, at midnight EST.

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