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She´s all grown up and interactive…

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Our little Dora moved to the city, grew long hair, replaced her furry friends for new Explorer Girls BFFs and now wears a hot pink dress and bedazzling jewelry.  Ay, our niña is all grown up.  Next, she´ll be wanting a Quinceañera!

The much discussed arrival of Mattel´s new Dora the Explorer franchise aimed at girls ages 5-8 is finally here after some eight months of waiting and guessing what kind of girl Dora would grow up to be.

Well, from the press release I received yesterday (haven´t played with the real thing yet)  announcing the arrival of Dora Links as part of the new Explorer Girls line, I can tell you she´s pretty trendy, techie, green and still very bilingual.

Your tween will get a new group of interactive friends who live in an imaginary Puerte Verde which, by the way, is full of Latino neighbors.  The Dora doll connects interactively to this city via USB to your computer.  Once you set up a private account for you child on DoraLinks she can start going on her own adventures with the Explorer Girls.

What has amazed me the most about this whole new interactive doll concept is the way your child can make changes to Dora on-screen and then see them happening to the actual doll.  So, let´s say she changes the color of her eyes to blue on the site, then look at the Dora doll and her eyes will now be blue.  You can even make her hair shorter!  How cool is that?

Dora Links retails at $59.99 and is now available at  major retail and online stores.  Of course, your best bet is to get it through La Tiendita and pay only $50.46!

{We´re working hard to get a Dora Links doll to give away to a lucky reader, so make sure you’re subscribed to the SBFinds feed via email or RSS so that you can be notified when it happens.}

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