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Iwas pleasantly surprised by award-winning Whistlefritz‘ Spanish for Beginners DVD + CD series because I expected my 3-year-old daughter, whose first language is Spanish, to be a bit bored with it. I was wrong.

Vanessa actually loved Adentro y Afuera‘s DVD’s main character, Fritzi, a cute little mouse used throughout the program to teach children Spanish vocabulary. She also loved the songs and actually got up and danced to “El Baile de las Manos.” The rhythm was contagious, I must admit, and the lyrics simple.

One of the things I enjoyed about the DVD’s production is the variety of methods used to teach basic Spanish. The DVD includes animation, entertaining music and fun puppets, among other things, making the process of learning actually fun. I caught Vanessa giggling several times when the puppets came on. I also caught her responding to the questions asked by Maria, the program’s hostess.

The latest CD of this series, ¡A Bailar!, was also a hit with my daughter because she immediately recognized a bunch of the more popular songs and quickly started singing them.

Whistlefritz is a company founded in 2006 by a mom who wanted to teach her children Spanish, but couldn’t find high-quality immersion programs. So she decided to create her very own CDs and DVDs. Two things I really liked: both CDs and DVDs are completely in Spanish (immersion is the idea here) and you really don’t have to speak Spanish yourself to use them with your kids.

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